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A thick, unsettling atmosphere fills this ambitious first-person action adventure, which makes up for some frustrating moments and dated graphics with plenty of chills, variety, and originality.

• Fight the enemy using the features of the environment, arms early twentieth century, powerful evil artifacts and alien equipment
• Hold yourself in hand!Do not panic, struggle with the madness, do not believe hallucinations - or fiends, generated by your mind as you absorb the
• Forget about the short rest.Ugly creatures will hunt you singly or in packs, chasing at his heels and moving freely between the rooms
• Type in the first person you will never miss a single moment of this blood-curdling stories

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: 800 MHz or equivalent
Memory: 256 MB of RAM
Video Card: 128 MB DirectX compatible
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Hard Drive Space: 2 GB free disk space 

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